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that would be the best surprise ever omg


no but what if the guy who loaded the machine had just filled it with these

you get a polar bear and it’s a nice surprise and you put the change in for another coke

but you get another polar bear

and you’re like hm that was weird but hey i got two polar bears that’s pretty cool



you get more and more frustrated each time

eventually you give up and sit down on the floor and cry, surrounded by small plushie polar bears

you’re so thirsty

you never wanted this to happen

all you wanted was a coke

Because of that comment I went and made a drawing…


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Come listen with me!


 For anyone who’s got headphones on, working away, or just wants some sweet music, click this link and select play all. There’s the whole soundtrack for Sonic Unleashed, excellent upbeat and tranquil tunes!

 EDIT: It wouldn’t work with the list, so I linked my broadcast, which will play the whole list. I’ll be online ‘til 5 0r 6 EST tonight, so feel free to come listen with me!

EDIT: Sorry, there were some technical difficulties, but now everything should be running fine. Sorryif it hiccuped on anyone!

  • Track Name

    The Waking Hours

  • Album

    My Idea Machine is Broken

  • Artist

    Fultron and The Jessimus

Track 02 - The Waking Hours

The monk is waking up, and going outside into the morning sun to do his daily repetitive tasks. He’s the only one left on the island. It’s a mystery where everyone has gone, and why he can’t remember even their faces.

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